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Alex Koll received a really great shout out in this week’s SF Weekly. Read the glowing review below and make sure to check out Alex’s live album recording at the San Francisco Punchline next Tuesday, August 17th at 8pm.

By Paul M. Davis, SF Weekly

If there was a lifetime achievement award for exemplary Internet bullshittery, Alex Koll would be in the running. Since there isn’t, Koll will have to be content with his two-time wins at the San Francisco Regional Air Guitar Championship, which he won as his alter ego, Awesome. He retired the moniker after winning in 2009, though judging from a cryptic online video in which Awesome was reborn from the smoke of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, the phantom shredder may rise again. Being crowned the Eddie Van Halen of air guitar isn’t Koll’s only unique skill: He also creates absurdist videos for the Revision3 network’s ROFL video podcast. But it’s Koll’s standup which is most deserving of Internet acronyms denoting laughter.

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