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Photos from Day 2 of this year’s Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival by Christina Capasso and Steve Mundinger. You can check out the rest of the photos on our facebook page.

The Wheeler Opera house crowd

Emerson’s Rachel Walls at the NCCC Semi Finals.

Nick Thune at La Cantina.

NCCC Funny Filmmakers Reggie, Nick, and Diego.

Rooftop Staffer’s Sara, Annie, and Jen at Zane’s Tavern.

Boston in the house! Emerson’s Keele Howard-Stone and Best of Fest Winner Kelly MacFarland at Zane’s Tavern.

Jen, Erin Jackson, Annie, and Jermaine Fowler at the Kick Off show pre-party.

Curls just want to have fun. Alex Koll with Ryan Singer.

Xavier University’s Andrew Short.


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