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This week we found out where Jacob and the “Man in Black” came from. Hooray! I could not wait. I’ve waited so long for these answers. I was excited, aching with anticipation (and constipation, stupid tacos). Then, the episode happened and I was like… eh.

Maybe I’m asking too much as a LOST fan. What was I expecting? What did I want to happen? LOST falls into a trap of providing such fantastic storytelling and amazing twists and turns that when it sticks to straight storytelling, it sometimes falls flat. And it shouldn’t. Honestly, it was a good episode. In answered many major questions. But it just didn’t hit that pinnacle of amazingness that LOST has before.

Plus, I have to ask myself where, at humans, we draw the line between “far-fetched-but-believable” and “bullshit.” For example: I can buy that a guy turns into a giant cloud of smoke, flies around an electromagnetic island and this dude slept with this woman. But for some reason, I cannot buy a cave of light. I have no idea why.

Juno’s stepmom took young Jacob and MIB to see the cave of light, saying they had to protect it. Apparently every person has a little bit of this light in them, but as humans, we ignore this. We are violent people who do nothing but kill and become a waste of life. So one of them must protect it. But they should never go in it because they’ll experience something worse than death. And what’s that? Becoming a smoke monster. Whatever.

I did enjoy how we say that Jacob was, in fact, an all around good guy throughout life. He questions why his mother says people are bad (EVEN THOUGH SHE KILLED THEIR REAL MOM).

Real quick. When Jacob and MIB’s mom comes back from the dead to talk to MIB, she asks him to come with her. He asks why and she says “to show you where you came from.” I thought that was a really hot pick-up line, until I remembered it was between a mom and son.

Moving on, Jacob has a natural curiosity about people. He thinks they can be good. Meanwhile MIB doesn’t care. He wants to leave, even though he is told not to go. But MIB does leave Jacob and his mother and goes to work with other settlers on the island.

These settlers discover the magnetism and they discover the cave of light. They decide to put a wheel there so they can leave. How does Jacob know this will work? I have no clue. Needless to say, Juno’s stepmom tries to kill him. She then destroys his camp and everyone else. Then MIB kills her. Jacob gets mad, takes him to the cave, and shoves him down it. His body ends up on the other side, so Jacob takes his body and his mother’s to the cave. These are the cave people we met during the first season. Pretty cool reveal I must say.

The cynical part of me thinks that the show’s creators knew they had to answer these broad questions so they just sorta made shit up and BOOM light cave! But there’s also a part of me that likes the light cave as a metaphor. It’s a part of our soul, the good part. We have to protect the good parts of our soul so it is not destroyed by outside forces. So on one hand, I will buy this.

See, I don’t buy that either. And I have no idea why. I’m doubting myself. WHO AM I? It’s stupid. I actually feel dumb arguing why it doesn’t make sense because in reality, LOST has had a lot of things not make sense. I guess it all comes down to… faith. Faith that the show’s creators aren’t asshats making things up. Faith that things will wrap up and make sense. And faith that in the end, I will be happy. I guess you gotta have faith. Or maybe this type of faith. Let’s go with this faith.


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