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Well, LOST, you delivered another pretty gosh darn fantastic episode. And you’re starting to make the flash-sideways make sense! Why am I talking to a show like a real person? Shut up, that’s my answer.

On the island, Ilana and Richard were gung-ho to destroy the plane with dynamite. Ilana was giving a huge, moving speech about how she was trained to do this and how she had to, then she blew up. To be honest, it was kind of comical. And then everyone’s reactions were less “OH MY GOD!” and more “Well, shit.” Sort of a sad way to see someone go. Plus, they mentioned taking a boat to the outriggers, so I was hoping we’d see then on their little boat, then suddenly another pops up in front of them and a gun fight ensues, just like last season, except it was from Sawyer’s and Juliet’s point-of-view. But, no. I was let down by that. If only I could have written that part in. And the part about Juliet and Kate have a three-way with a new, chubby man on the island named “Mark.”

So Hurley takes the lead and tells them they must go talk to Flocke themselves. No one agrees, except Jack. Richard, Ben, and Miles. They go to blow up the plane, everyone else goes to talk to Flocke.

Meanwhile, Flocke is brought Desmond. Desmond is incredibly calm and cool, saying “brotha” a lot, looking hot, and being all around weird. He tells Flocke that he knows he is John Locke, so Flocke takes him to a well and throws him down it. Why does being called John Locke frighten him so much? Is there a chance that a little of John Locke is still inside Flocke? Did that sentence insinuate gay sex between two people but in the same body? Are we all now curious how that would happen? Yes?

Now, in the flash-sideways, we get a super rich and awesome Hurley. He is donating money left and right. He just donated money to a museum and was given the Man of the Year award from Pierre Chang (Dharma initiative science leader and Miles’ dad). Yet, he is lonely. He goes on a blind date but she stands him up (BITCH!) but Libby approaches him. She remembers him, but he does not. She is taken back to the hospital, where she is voluntarily staying because she thinks she is insane.

Hurley is upset by this because he likes her, but he thinks she is crazy. But he is convinced to go talk to her. By whom? DESMOND! Ah snap.

So Hurley goes to Libby, they have a date, they kiss, then Hurley remembers her from the island. The two realities are slowly bleeding through.

Then, Desmond goes to John Locke’s school and runs him over. Just hits him and leaves. I mean, damn. He just smacks him and Locke goes flying over the car hard.

But this is setting up my hospital theory more. Now Locke is going to the hospital. And Hurley owns hospitals. They will all be there soon.

But one question that is nagging me is, how does Desmond know which people form Oceanic 815 to go to? He has a whole list of people on the plane. Is he going to go to all of them? Or are his island and off-island reality working together? Hmm. Hmm. HMMMMMMMMM.