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Desmond Hume is the key! The key to what, my heart? Well, maybe. But he’s also the key to the whole LOST time travel conundrum.

Desmond is brought to the island by Widmore for some reason, we’re still not sure. But, Widmore needs to make sure he can go through a high dose of electromagnetism again and not die, so he throws Desmond in a box, flips the switch, and let’s the magnets work. This causes Desmond to “flash” to the flash-sideways.

Desmond is a poor military man who has nothing but love in Penny. But in the flash-sideways, he is the opposite: he is rich and powerful, but has no love. And, he is the right-hand man to Widmore.

Widmore’s son, Daniel Faraday, is suppose to play piano with Drive Shaft, Charlie Pace’s band, that day, but dumb ol’ Charlie got arrested for possession of cocaine. So Widmore sends Desmond to pick up Charlie and take him to the performance. But wait, how is Charlie free? Isn’t that an error that the writers got Charlie off free from the cops when in real life you’d be locked up for a long time, potentially years? Well, you’re forgetting that Charlie is a celebrity and in LA, so everything makes sense.

Charlies tells Desmond about when he almost died, he saw true love. Desmond laughs it off, so Charlie drives Desmond’s car into the water, where Desmond “flashes” and sees Charlie as he was at the end of the episode “Through the Looking Glass” with the saying “Not Penny’s Boat” on his hand.

Both men end up in the hospital where, during a CAT scan, Desmond sees Penny and his child. Desmond leaves the hospital even more confused. And now, he has to tell Mrs. Widmore, Eloise, that Drive-Shaft will not be there. And Eloise is apparently a super-bitch that everyone is afraid of. But when he arrives, Eloise seems slightly frightened, then just shakes off the news like it was nothing. Desmond, happy, walks off and hears the name “Penny” being read on a guest list. Eloise tells Desmond he has to leave and forget all this because he is not ready.

Not ready for what? We don’t freaking know! So Desmond leaves, climbs in his car, then is approached by Faraday, who is still the awesome, weird and eccentric bastard he always was. But now, he is an expert piano player, not a mathematician. One day, he say a beautiful woman who he describes and we realize it is Charlotte (who was banged by flash-sideways Sawyer a few episodes ago [I wouldn’t want to follow up Sawyer in the sex department {Sawyer is pretty attractive, I won’t like (but so is Desmond [but Faraday is sort of a hot, smart type {but he doesn’t have sexy Sawyer abs (good point)}])}]). The next morning, Faraday drew up some quantum mechanics, something he has never studied, and he realizes that maybe the life they are living is not suppose to be the life at all. He then tells Desmond where Penny is.

Desmond and Penny meet, but Desmond faints. FLASH! Back on the island. Desmond awakes and is ready to go with the plan. What plan? I DON’T FU*KING KNOW! He leaves with some of Widmore’s men, only to be stopped by Sayid, who shoots one, breaks one’s neck, and forces the woman to run away. Is Desmond afraid? Nope, he’s ready to go.

Back with Penny, they plan to have coffee. Then, Desmond asks his driver, George Minkowski, the ol’ communications director from the Freighter in season four, to get him the manifest of Oceanic 815. He wants to show them what is going on.

A few questions: Widmore asks Desmond to make a sacrifice for him at the beginning of the episode. What sacrifice? Is Widmore asking Desmond to die in order to protect everyone? I hope not, because I don’t want to cry, um, I mean scream, drink beer and beat up dudes (I mean cry a lot). And why was Desmond so calm when Sayid got all up in his grill and killed people? And what the hell is Desmond there to do? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

But it is LOST, what the hell did I expect? But, this episode furthered the overall plot of season six and now we are starting to see the two timelines come together. I, for one, am excited for this. I have been slightly upset about the flash-sideways because it hasn’t meant anything so far. Really, it’s just to show what would of happened had the plane landed and if certain things in the characters’ past were changed. But why those changes? Why the flash-sideways? I truly hope we get some resolution with this. My hope is that, when all is said and done, what I thought was sometimes pointless and padding will be really important and completely awesome in retrospect.

I also hope I can invent a fried chicken sandwich that’ll melt off the pounds. How great would that be?


Comment from Paul Ogata
Time: April 7, 2010, 10:44 am

One of my friends, who shall remain nameless (partly to preserve anonymity, but also because his parents never settled on a name… his birth certificate is still blank), is privy to the creative meetings with Darlton. Or is it Cudelof? Anyway, he hinted to me how the show will end. If you don’t want to ruin the fun of watching it all unfold on May 23, then please for the love of Jacob do not click the link below.

Comment from Chris G
Time: April 7, 2010, 11:21 am


I’m not sure who your sources are, but our ABC insider claims that final episode reveals that the island is located deep inside of Claire’s mangy ponytail, and that the 0ceanic 6 are lice that just won’t die off. Turns out that LOST is really about Pantene with Pro V, and the show is the best marketing campaign of all time.

Comment from Paul Ogata
Time: April 7, 2010, 11:43 am

Chris, that the Losties won’t die off probably indicate that this problem isn’t critter-based, but rather some sort of a virus. And if the new Pantene can get rid of a rogue herpetic scalp condition, then the show’s final reveal might truly might become the first viral anti-viral video clip on YouTube. Or YouPube, depending on which mangy ponytail of Claire’s is affected.