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This episode is titled “The Package.” Hehehe, penis and balls. A package? Get it?

I’m immature.

Well the package wasn’t a penis and balls, BUT, it did have those items.

But before that, let’s get that flash sideways out of the way.

In the new time line Jin and Sun are not married, however, they are in love and bumpin’ uglies. Jin is sent to America to deliver a watch and $25,000. However, the airport keeps it due to un-filled out customs paperwork. And who do these things go to? Keamy. That’s right, motherfunkin’ Keamy.

But they don’t have the money now, and Keamy is unhappy. So he sends Sun to the bank to get it out of her personal account and takes Jin to his restaurant. But Sun’s account is closed. Her dad did it because he found out they were sexin’ it up. And the money? It was for Keamy to kill Jin. SNAP!

But as you know, Keamy and his assistant are killed by Sayid, who helps Jin get free. And as Sun comes back with another of Keamy’s assistants (who happens to be Mikhail, the bastard who was an Other and drowned Charlie [CHHHHARRRRRLLLLIIIIEEEEE!]), Jin gets in a gun fight and Sun is shot in the stomach. And she’s pregnant.

Anatomy lesson: babies are in a woman’s stomach (or uterus, whatever Mr. Doctor). To the hospital!

Back on the island, Flocke comes to Sun and asks her to come with him to Jin. She runs, hits her head, and forgets how to speak English. When Miles thinks that’s crazy, Frank points out that he speaks to dead people.

I honestly think Frank represents the writers’ trying to shut up the audience sometimes and I love that. Basically, Frank is saying, “Wait, we can buy that you can speak to the dead and that we’re on a time traveling island, yet you call BS that she forgets English?” Point proven.

While Flocke is gone to attempt to bring back Sun, Widmore’s men attack the camp and take Jin. And the reason is awesome. See, Widmore needs to know where the electromagnetic fields on the island are. Back in the 70s, Jin took care of those. So the new version of the past (with the Losties) is now affecting the future.

Meanwhile, Flocke and Zombie Sayid go to Widmore to find Jin. This is what I love about LOST: you don’t know who the bad guy is for sure. We assume Flocke is bad because all signs point to that. And if you like Ben, Widmore is a bad guy. But if you like Widmore, Ben is a bad guy. But they all are bad guys. We are left to root for one, and that is awesome writing.

Back at the beach, Richard comes back and tells them they must go blow up that plane so Flocke cannot leave.

Sayid stays behind to find out what Widmore is hiding. And what is he hiding? Desmond. Why? We don’t know yet, but things are getting incredibly interesting. And finally.

One thing I’d like to point out. It seems, in the flash sideways, everyone is about to meet up. Here’s how. Jack is a doctor, ergo, he is at the hospital. Claire is there giving birth. Sayid’s brother is there and Sayid is going back to see him. Sun was just shot, so she and Jin are heading to a hospital. Now, Locke isn’t there, but he is tempted to take Jack up on his offer to help with his back. That could get him there. As for Kate and Sawyer I don’t know. But those two are together now.

Something is going to happen soon. I can feel it. And that’s not just my sadness and loneliness eating me away on the inside.


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