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by Comedian Jason Downs

In recent years few comics have been as prolific and successful as Kathy
Griffin. She has recorded eight specials in the last four years, a
record pace even by Carlin and Cosby standards. In Kathy Griffin’s
latest DVD release, “She’ll Cut a Bitch,” the self proclaimed D-Lister
performs her trademark mix of celebrity trash talk and embellished
anecdotes to a crowd of frenzied fans at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland, Oregon.

The constant turnover of material keeps Griffin’s act fresh, but it’s
not without its drawbacks. Some of her stories lack polish and teeter
off towards the end, but her casual conversation performance style
draws you in like an old friend sharing stories over one too many
glasses of boxed wine. Whether she’s sharing stories about her mother
Maggie, her experience at last year’s Emmy’s, or what it was like to
spend her birthday with Cher, you feel like you know her by the end of
the performance, and there’s a satisfaction in that that you can’t get
from a reality show.

The Bravo channel reruns marathons of Griffin’s stand-up comedy
specials, so why buy the DVD? The extras make it worth it. We are not
talking deleted scenes as much as deleted words. With the purchase of
the DVD you get every f word, b word, and mother effer that flies out of
her mouth. Every foul word that we love and censors hate.

After all, it’s Griffin’s mouth that got her the hosting gig for CNN‘s
2010 New Year Celebration, and it ensured she will never get that job
But lucky for us, it is her mouth that will tell us all about
the behind the scenes gossip on her next yet to be written, yet to be
performed, stand-up comedy special. Before being quick to judge, know
that every curse word comes from place of honesty. Sometimes nothing
sums up a feeling, a situation, or an eighth stand up special in a few
short years more than an F Bomb.

Despite a few flaws, “She’ll Cut a Bitch” still delivers 60 minutes of hilarious pop culture commentary. A must have for Kathy Griffin lovers and fans of celebrity-based comedy.

“She’ll Cut a Bitch” is available on Amazon.


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her experience at last year’s Emmy’s, or what it was like to
spend her birthday with Cher, you feel like you know her by the end of
the performance

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