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Movie Review: It’s Complicated

by Mark Potts

I’m not saying people need to be euthanized after the age of 60. Far from it. In fact, I never implied that, and I am truly hurt and dismayed that you would assume I had said that. What would ever make you believe I would say, let alone, want that?

But old people probably shouldn’t be having sex or talking about it on a movie set. It’s just weird.

Meryl Streep plays Jane, a divorced older woman who is experiencing empty nest syndrome. She is sad and alone. Meanwhile, her ex-husband, Jake, played by Alec Baldwin, is not alone. He is married Agness, whose name is old but gravity has yet to make anything sag. But he is unhappy, too.
Then, Steve Martin, playing Jane’s architect, Adam, comes in. He too is divorced and starts pining for Jane. But Jane is starting an affair with her ex-husband and doesn’t have time for him. But she knows it’s wrong. But it feels right! See? It’s complicated!

If anything, this film has an anti-erection slant. Meryl Steep is a fantastic actress, and I could see myself giving her a rather disappointing 15 seconds of love, but I don’t like seeing an old dude do it. It’s just not right. If old people want to have sex, fine. But do it in a dark, soundproof room.

And what is with all the affairs? This film is making affairs seem like fun. And I don’t think they really are. I’ve had plenty, and they’re just hard to keep in line. I go to the wrong lady on the wrong night. She doesn’t want to pay and the other wants to cut the price because I end up being late. Then I am short on rent money for the month and my electricity gets shut off, making me unable to check e-mails for new women to sleep with for money. Affairs just aren’t fun. Or was I a prostitute? I might have just been a prostitute.

The film was light and fun. No big lessons to learn and no big twists and turns. It was enjoyable. But there was a lot of old people sex insinuated, and that puts a bad taste in mouth, just like an old person’s private parts would. It would taste like mothballs most likely.