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Myq Kaplan does not spell “Mike” that way to be a gimmicky wackadoo comedian; he changed his name to Myq as a pre-teen at summer camp, and never looked back.

Well, he may have looked back. But he never stopped spelling his name that way.

However you spell it, you should commit his name to memory; pretty soon, it’ll be all over the place. Featured as a “New Face” in the 2009 Montreal Just For Laughs festival, Myq is about to tape his first half-hour Comedy Central special, and can be seen stumping for Pizza Hut and Subway on a series of Comedy Central promos. (Even more impressive when you consider that he’s been a vegan since college.)

Myq put down the mic long enough to pick his favorite Rooftop clips, presented below, with his usual pun-tastic panache.


1. Five Minutes of Napkins – MC Mr. Napkins
Zach Sherwin (aka MC Mr. Napkins) is a brilliant hilarious rapper. Watch this clip where he raps brilliantly and hilariously. Because of his amazing usage of language, I once suggested to him that he release an album called “Word, Playa.” I hope he does, because if he doesn’t, I’ll have to become an awesome rapper in order to get usage out of the title instead. And not that I don’t want to, but I might be too busy enjoying Zach’s brilliant hilarious rapping. Check it out yourself. Before you wreck it out yourself.

2. White Castle Adventures – Jared Logan
Jared Logan is a super-nice person. Which is something you might say about someone when you’re trying to set them up with a friend on a blind date and they’re an ugly girl. But Jared isn’t an ugly girl.  He’s DOUBLE not an ugly girl, actually. And also I’m not trying to set you up with him on a date. I mean, he might be available. But that’s not what this is about. It’s about how Jared is nice, not ugly, and hilarious. Mostly hilarious. Did I not say hilarious yet? Maybe I should have started with hilarious. Hilarious clip of a good-looking man here!

3. Driving a Hyundai in Detroit – Shane Mauss
Shane Mauss is a natural. He’s like an Academy Award-nominated Robert Redford movie about baseball. But he’s even better, because he’s about more than just baseball. He’s about society and religion and time travel. He’s about justice and the economy and butts. He’s about some third combination of three things where the third one humorously doesn’t fit with the other two. Shane Mauss is better than these jokes as well. He’s greater than the sum of my writing’s parts. He is a natural. (And to be fair, “The Natural” is an awesome movie. I don’t even care about baseball that much, but even still. Awesome. But I like Shane more. And I care about him.)

4. Free Entertainment on the Subway – Sean Patton
Sean Patton is a truth-teller, which I believe is the best kind of teller (sorry, bank workers). And he’s a doer, not just a talker. He started a band and called it “his dick,” so that he could make a Facebook fan page, inviting people to join by saying “Sean Patton suggests that you become a fan of his dick.” And I did. I’m a fan of all parts of Sean Patton, because even when he’s talking about his dick, it always springs from a union of his brain and his heart. Check out his truth-brain here.

5. Twinkle Twinkle – Josh Gondelman
Josh probably has the highest ratio of dark, hilarious comedy to non-dark hilarious personality of anyone I know. He will attack your ears with abortions while offering you his seat on a bus, or pulling out a chair for you, or other chivalrous activities that don’t involve sitting at all. His comedy will have you on the edge of your seat, and I guess I can’t get away from seating at all here, so if you can’t beat’em, seat’em, I suppose… Josh is as enjoyable as a comfy armchair, not to sit on, but metaphorically in your brain. Someone should give this guy a SITcom.

6. Retarded Gun Owners – Jamie Kilstein
Jamie is a force. He has a light side and a dark side, and he gets used a lot by guys named Luke. Just kidding. But that’s not what Jamie does–he does more than just kid… he adults. (If adulting is kidding all grown up, see?) He talks about useful things, and he does it funny. People should listen to him, laugh, and then do something about what he’s talking about. Enjoy.


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