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Giulia Rozzi isn’t afraid of anything. Stand-up comedian, writer, actress, and co-creator of the wildly raunchy and side-clutchingly side-splitting show Stripped Stories, Giulia and her comedy partner/college best friend Margot Leitman bare all onstage, telling their most intimate and hilarious stories of sexual escapades. (Upcoming dates in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Click here for more info.)

Giulia’s wink/nudge adorable antics are also the star of the show in two short films directed by Anya Garrett; “Pizza Day,” and “We.”

Wanna get inside Giulia’s…head? We do too, which is why we asked her to pick her fave Rooftop clips.


1. Silly Security Questions – Dom Irrera

I first began doing comedy in LA back in 2001 and  Dom was one of the first comedians I met and one of the only comedians to give me useful and genuine career advice. He is a master at his craft and owns the stage with such ease. I loved it when I got booked on line-ups with Dom because I got to watch and learn from a true, experienced comedian.

2. The Pants Come Off When the Ring Goes On – God’s Pottery

I absolutely love God’s Pottery. A “Christian” song-singing comedy duo? Brilliant! I’ve seen them perform countless times in NYC and everytime they make me laugh just as hard as the first time I heard them. Their songs are ridiculous, adorable, smart and warning-very very catchy. I guarantee this ditty will be in your brain all day long.

3. Brainwashed by Barbie – Auggie Smith

I met Auggie Smith at this years Boston Comedy Festival and he was awesome. I love how smart his comedy is, everything that comes out of his mouth makes me say “Yes! So true!”

4.Travel Size Shampoos – Jon Fisch

Jon Fisch is one of those people that can make anything funny. He’s genuine, intelligent and all-around good guy. We became friends when I first moved to NYC and whether he’s telling jokes on stage or making fun of me for drunkenly eating disgusting pie at a diner, this guy makes me crack up. He performed on Stripped Stories NYC back in February and kicked ass.


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Time: March 10, 2011, 12:17 am

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Comment from Crystals
Time: March 12, 2011, 3:39 am

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