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Even though he’s a “serious journalist” with a “masters degree” from “Columbia,” Lance Gould knows “the funny.” As the editor of the award-winning alt-weekly, The Boston Phoenix, Lance could spend his days making simpering writers dance at the crack of his verbal whip, but, instead, he wiles away the hours perfecting vaudevillian puns and daydreaming about that stand-up career in the Catskills that could have been…

Lance jumped at the chance to guest edit for Rooftop [and i jumped at the chance to edit my former editor, and exact my revenge! – SFA] and we’re pleased as a donkey punch that, besides giving us his kick-ass stand-up picks, Lance will be doing some guest blogging this week, too. He writes good.

But first, the picks!

1) Pranking Pro-lifers – Laurie Kilmartin

Laurie used to always impress me when she was a writer and performer on Colin Quinn’s underrated TV-late-night melee-fest “Tough Crowd.” She was a funny lady who could disarm the feral louts who populated the program. Here, she demonstrates why she’s so deadly, giving a little ju-jitsu guilt to anti-abortion maniacs.

2) A Threatening State Motto – Jamie Kilstein

The Texas tourism board may want to take this clip to heart. Jamie rightly points out that no other U.S. state’s official motto is even remotely menacing. And in this economy, I’m not so sure that’s a wise move. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, to see certain rogue foreign states follow Texas’s lead. Look for Somalia to unveil its new “Yeah, We’re Run by Fucking Pirates” campaign soon.

3) Facebook Sucks – Erik Allen

When technology evolves as quickly as it does, tackling a subject such as Facebook – which is at this point already three social-networking-group phenomena ago – can be dangerous. But Erik handles this one cleverly, revealing a surprise personal relationship on Facebook that shows how glib and tenuous all of our “friendships” are.

4) Street Credibility – Lamar Williams

Lamar is a cerebral dude. If you enjoy this bit, in which he, an African-American man, confides in an uncharacteristic affinity for puzzles, also check out what just might be the most amusingly titled clip on this site, “I Hate Moths.”

5) Finnegan’s the Name – Christian Finnegan

I remember seeing Christian a few years ago in New York and greatly enjoying his riff on a man who, perhaps unwisely, made the decision to wear a “Certified Muff Diver” T-shirt out in public. (That clip is also on this site.) Here, though, Christian confides that he feels unable to live up to the supreme virility that the name “Finnegan” implies. Tell me about it, Finnegan: you’re talking to a “Lance” who obsessively carries tubes of Neosporin, just in case he breaks a cuticle.


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