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This Week’s Guest Editor – Rob Delaney

The timing of Rob Delaney’s guest editor stint was pure serendipity. The Boston-born comedian is all the fahck over the Internet, kid, starring alongside Joe McIntyre in the now-viral Funny or Die video, ‘MA Men,’ a fahckin’ sweet parody of Mad Men (which took home Best Drama at last night’s Emmys).

But we saw him before he got famous. Specifically, we spent hours e-mailing cat videos (kitteos! Mreow!) back and forth with him instead of doing our work. Hmm. Maybe that was just me. No matter. We’re just thrilled that Rob took a break from his incessant Twittering (@robdelaney), playing the tasty Commander Cake on the Sci-Fi channel’s Outer Space Astronauts, and from stroking his chub for the Red Sox,  to pick his favorite Rooftop clips.

Do it, guy.


1) Speaking Out Loud – Tig Nogaro

The Mighty Tig.  Shakespeare (a fag) said “Brevity is the soul of wit”.  Tig embodies this.  Not a wasted syllable.  When new comics ask me for advice (this doesn’t happen) I say “Watch Tig.”  She’s a zen master.  I want to be like her.  Also, this clip is a pretty sublime example of turning the “lead” of a painful experience into the “gold” of a joke that can help heal the world, one audience member at a time.

2) Hear About Hackman –Brendon Walsh

I’ve only recently started watching Brendon.  He’s one of those people who has funny like a disease.  But a good disease, the kind that you want to get from him by letting him fuck you.  He’s probably a miserable person, based on all the horrible stuff he talks about, but I don’t care, because he’s so funny.  I hope he lives to see 40.

3) Robocosby – Marvin Howard

I was doing shows at the Joke Joint in Minneapolis and a comic said “Look at this shit” and showed me this clip.  But I loved it.  Not ironically, either.  Watching it makes me happy.  Never in 42,000 years would I do a joke like this, but I’m glad this guy did.  I have watched this clip far more than any other on Housetop Comedy, or whatever this “website” is called.

4) Athletes and Their Stupid Ads – Hannibal Buress 

This guy, holy shit.  What a tidal wave of brilliance.  Comedy is art, absolutely, but you might not always think of it that way.  Even a fucking stupid idiot from Planet Shitbrain would watch this guy and say “Oh, an artist!” then piss on themselves and run over a cop on their Segway specially designed for very fat people.

5) It was Funny When I was High – Mike Bridenstine 

I love this guy a lot.  A hard-working, very funny guy who tells great jokes well.  I first saw him at the UCB in LA and said to myself “Hey Rob, this guy you’re watching/listening to now is very good and wonderful”.  He only gets funnier and it is a pleasure to see him write new stuff and grow, like glaucoma, slowly making an old watchmaker go blind.

6) What People Want – Maria Bamford

A genius at the height of her powers.  A fearless warrior.  Maria demonstrates that you can go anywhere and make anything funny. Watching her is like going to school, if school were fun and felt like having waves gently crash on you on a beach in Tahiti.  Maria is hilarious, to be sure, but her comedy is so good it’s literally Important.


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Comment from cuisinart griddles
Time: November 12, 2010, 6:02 am

Well, I have to admit that there are some things here that are new to me about the Boston-born comedian. Anyway, I wish Rob good luck with everything he does.

Comment from Ilari
Time: November 13, 2010, 8:26 am

Rob is very funny. Watching him makes me happy. Never could I do jokes like he does. I have watched the above clips a few times and it gets funnier and funnier. I love that stuff.

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