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This week’s guest editor: ImprovBoston’s Will Luera

Will Luera may be the world’s most ambitious multitasker. Or, he’s just out of his damned mind. The Artistic Director of ImprovBoston is also the Artistic Director of the Lowell Comedy Festival and also an Artistic Associate of the Chicago Improv Festival. Plus, his pilot “Strange Faculty” won the 2008 NBC Comedy Short Cuts competition. Plus, he’s about to be a dad.

Holy shit. I’m exhausted just from typing this all out.

For Will’s next trick, he and ImprovBoston are presenting the first annual Boston Improv Festival, running Sept 9-13.

Somehow, Will found the time to pick his favorite Rooftop clips. We suspect he has a secret staff of a billion helper elves. Or a time machine.

Take it away, Will…

1) Five Minutes of Napkins – Zach Sherwin

Zach Sherwin, aka MC Mr. Napkins, has been one of ImprovBoston’s favorite stand-ups since well before he was named The Phoenix’s Readers’ Pick Best Local Comedian for 2009. Catch him at the Boston Improv Festival at ImprovBoston on Friday, Sept. 11th at 10pm.

2) Babysitting My Niece – Cy Amundson

By the time you read this, my wife Maria may have delivered our first child and this is exactly how I picture fatherhood. Maria would like to add that I ‘am in for a big surprise’.

3) Amazing Hair – Cameron Esposito

Boston misses Cameron Esposito. We miss her amazing hair, her expressive eyebrows and her way with a three-ring circus.

4) Tom Brady Makes Men Gay – Gary Gulman

I have never wanted to be a fly on the wall more than on Gary Gulman’s hypothetical date with Tom Brady. I mean it in a platonic way. Honest.

5) Road Rage – Dan Cummins

I dare Dan Cummins to come drive in Boston with our ‘Massholes’. P.S. It’s called a rotary.

6) Fish and Babies – Maria Ciampa

Maria Ciampa took to comedy like a fish to water. She’s a nationally renowned comic and co-produces the Women in Comedy Festival. Look for her next week kicking off the Boston Improv Festival at ImprovBoston this Wednesday, Sept. 9th at 7pm.