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Guest Editor, Marc Hirsh

This week, the sacred order of the Rooftop Comedy Guest Editorship welcomes into the fold, Marc Hirsh, music and pop culture wordsmith!

His pick analysis as follows:
Brooks Robinson – Buying alcohol for teens
Sure, it helps that I grew up just outside of Baltimore and he shares a name with the guy who signed the baseball glove that I used all throughout my little league career. I also laughed, though, which is probably more important.

Jessi Campbell – Afraid of bears
There’s a complete set of Campbell’s on the site that also includes this routine, and it’s worth watching. But this clip is an excellent example of someone hitting the big stage and rising to the challenge by doing this bit better than she’s done it before.

Ian Bagg – Hereditary loads
Normally, I’d be reluctant to point folks to someone who bases an entire routine around the concept of self-defecation (to say nothing of what happens in the highly recommended “The Moose Investigator“). It’s Bagg’s delivery, and the way he keeps digging himself into a hole, that turns this from a cringe-inducing disaster into gold; just check out the way he blurts “Science project!” Judging from the amount of material he inspires, his dad seems even weirder, if that’s possible.

Michael Palascak – Discussing current events
I’d love to see Palascak pursue the types of trains of thought that resulted in the very odd, strangely satisfying grace note at the end. I’m also just thrilled he got there at least once.

Tim Harmston – Poker commercial parody
In which Harmston sits back and thinks, “What are the most inane things I can think to say, re: poker?,” and then says them all. Demands repeated viewings, and rewards them.