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The Best Guest Editor of Fest

The man. The myth. The Best of Fest (of the just past 2009 Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival). The Guest Editor, Moshe Kasher. Himself. In the text.

Action Items:
– Buy his new (Rooftop Comedy produced) album, “Everyone You Know is Going to Die…And Then You Are” on iTunes.

– Those in the San Francisco-esque area attend Moshe’s CD release party for the aforementioned album at the SF Punch Line on July 7th.

With that said, here are his picks.
It’s like he says, everybody needs a blackass sometimes.

Jeanne Donaldson
Jeanne talks about what a lot of us…let’s face it, ALL of us, go through. The constant habitual harassment faced by the butt virgins of the world from the buttfucker community. Bill Hicks shot and missed when he tried to approach Jeanne’s level of comedic honesty and social commentary. Move over Hicks, there’s a new legend in town.

Chris Schiappacasse – You’re a whore
Sometimes, music breaks through barriers and allows the “inner cynic” to let down its guard and just laugh. That’s what “you’re a whore” is to me. And let’s face it, you ARE a whore.

Kerosene used to take me with him on the road to the various Improvisations and Playboy clubs around the country just like Shecky Berman used to do for him. If anyone has influenced my style directly, it’s Kerosene. Watch a master at work and try to learn something.

Moshe Kasher – A new haircut
Frankly, this guy just sucks.


Comment from andy
Time: July 2, 2009, 4:44 pm

holy smokes!! i’d never seen that Kerosene clip before. HAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was rad!

Comment from Sheba Jackson
Time: July 17, 2009, 9:28 am

Ray Barnett is just totally classeless not funny hate crime material>like if you laugh at him you should probably be a Klansman.