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Sara Faith Alterman, Guest Editor

Sara Faith Alterman is our Guest Editor this week. You might remember her judging handiwork from the Boston Regional Rival Match-Up from this year’s National College Comedy Competition, among other rad things that involve literary manipulation.

Mike Birbiglia – The deaf leading the blind
Birbiglia kills me anyway, and the added visual of an adorable ASL interpreter? So fantastically awkward but endearing.

Hal Sparks – Waiting for my sexual peak
I picked this simply because I want to bang him. There. I said it.

Jamie Kilstein – Sarah Palin
I first saw Jamie at the 2009 AltCom! Alternative Comedy Festival, and was blown away by his mastery of stream of consciousness. Jamie’s got this rare ability to make his rants seem completely off-the-cuff, even though they’re, in fact, really well-crafted. I could watch him throw the same pseudo-tantrum a million times, and still get riled up.

Somebody’s in the Doghouse – Koko the Gorilla
This sketch features a sexed-up gorilla. The end.

Mary Mack – Happily ever after
I can’t stop watching her. The combination of her little-girl voice, midwestern accent, spacey “aw, shucks” sensibility, and razor sharp punch lines is mesmerizing.

Zach Sherwin – Five minutes of napkins
Sherwin won the 2009 Boston Phoenix Readers’ Poll for Best Local Comedian, so I can’t leave him out. Performing as “MC Mr. Napkins,” Sherwin combines his obsessions with hip-hop, comedy, and linguistics into raps that are both smart and hysterical. It’s thinking man’s comedy for the straight up gangsta.