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A Guest Editor and Mayonnaise Spokesperson Extraordinaire

You might remember Robert Buscemi from our inaugural Aspen RooftopComedy Festival. Or you might remember the one time he won best stand-up of Chicago, or that one time he was gracious enough to extend his presence on ye olde RooftopBlog. All these memories with Robert, we should have a retrospective clip show about it. Here’s a new memory to add, his Guest Editor picks.

Kyle Kinane – De ja vu
Kyle is super-natural and unpretentious, but a wickedly precise, utterly original wordsmith. One of my all-time faves.

Erin Foley – My mother’s wild imagination
Erin is cool as a cucumber, and blew me away at the 2008 Rooftop Aspen Fest with her smoothness and creativity.

Matt Braunger – Cute but deadly
Saw this one on Letterman too. I love the detail–you can tell Braunger researched it. One of the most talented performers I know.

Tig Notaro – No moleste
No one touches Notaro for cool, weird, hipster chic. She destroyed me at the 2008 Rooftop Fest — her sweater/shirt combo alone suggest ninja-level absurdism.

Nick Vatterot – CD skipping
Vatterot is one of the most prolific, experimental, revered comics I know. His energy and inventiveness are ridic.

Andi Smith – Trapped in a mine
Andi’s another comic I saw kill at the 2008 Rooftop Aspen Fest. Home Perm ROCKS. She’s a hilariously brazen smart-ass, but balances cynicism with performing chops and superb writing.