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A Very Motherly Guest Editor

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday! And you should call your mom, she probably misses you. But in lieu of that, check out the picks from talk show hostess and soccer mom extraordinaire, Jeannie Tate!

Tammy Pescatelli – Behold the pregnant comedian
Special clip for Mom’s Day. A pregnant stand up! I was laughing so hard I had to do Lamaze breathing.

Leanne Morgan – My crazy teenage daughter
Preaching to the choir on this one!

Tig Notaro – Jenny Craig’s a slut
I will never look at a Jenny Craig ad the same again.

Jackie Kashian – Eye care for pets
I love cats and jokes so this one was right up my alley-cat.

Lisa Landry – Marriage is like a movie
This is so true! Although I could do without the S word at the end of the clip.

Karen Mills – Signs that you’re aging
Her driving joke made me Laugh O.L. I brake for Funny Women!

Cheryl the soccer mom – Female truck nuts
Here is my competition. She is the dirty version of me.

Jeannie Tate – Jeannie Tate Stand Up
This lady is the best, ha ha, it’s me! Jeannie Tate!

And before you go anywhere, check out this episode of the Jeannie Tate Show featuring The Daily Show’s Rob Riggle!