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Easter Bunny!

By Cadbury’s Eggs! To honor the tradition of hiding plastic eggs from children, ham, and Jesus rising from the grave to defeat the Romans and find the man who double crossed him in a bank job gone sour, we have none other than the Easter Bunny as Guest Editor this week!

John Evans – Eggs any style
Hah, this is a great joke! Wait for the well-hidden punchline!

Faye Haire – May your dreams come true
Faye Haire (great name, by the way) brings light to an issue that’s very important to my community. It’s very serious. I’m not sure why this is on a comedy website.

Keith Cissel – Smiling inside at Six Flags
Bugs is a friend of mine, and it’s great to see his impostors taken down a notch!

Steve Wilson – Family dysfunction
A heartwarming story about Easter!

Luenell – Letter to Santa
I know Santa from school, and this kind of thing really chaps his hide. His giant, red hide.

John Mulaney – Hiding from God
What can I say? I love hiding things!