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Niall McKay, Guest Editor

In honor of Saint Patrick’s day coming up in a couple of days, we would like to introduce Emmy winner, founder and director of the San Francisco + Los Angeles Irish Film Festivals, producer, writer, and director (among other things), Niall McKay as our Guest Editor for the week!

In true director fashion, consider this entry the director’s cut of Niall’s Guest Editorship, with more picks than we could fit!

Jackie Kashian on where she keeps her vagina. Where do you keep yours? A novel idea for a T-shirt that could be worn by both women and men. I’d buy one.

Bob Biggerstaff : The cautionary tale of meeting girls on Myspace. If you want a date make sure that you don’t end up on Dateline.

What about men’s menstrual cycles? Is it justice or just a horrible thought. Greg Edwards puts a new spin saying that if you hang out with him good things will happen.

Friends don’t ask friends to wax. Jodi White likes to prepare to be touched by her gynecologist. But a little wax can turn your privates right out.

96ing. No not a gas station but a new sex position for married couples. TJ Miller thinks that 69ing is a thing of the past.

Girls how to get your boyfriend to propose to you in one easy step. OK several steps. Johnny Gardhouse has discovered the secret.

We’re put on this earth to destroy this planet. This is a new idea. David Huntsberger discovers that finally we have a talent.

Don’t wear a red shirt to target practice. Clinton Jackson tells you how to meet a lot of people shopping.

Slice of wedding cake? Kat Williams says that it’s like seeing a man wash your dishes. You never knew it turned you on until you tried it.