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Tough Guest Editor with Laurie Kilmartin

This week’s Guest Editor is Laurie Kilmartin! You may have seen her handiwork on the gone, but not forgotten Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, where she was a writer for two years. Speaking of writing, she was also a staff writer on the gone, but forgotten Funny person all around, with appearances on Best Week Ever, The Late Late Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live, among others, RooftopComedy is quite excited to have her Guest Edit for the week. And as always promised, her thoughts on her picks.

Ted Alexandro – The three basic targets explained
I trust very few comedians with the topic of masturbation, but you know you’re in good hands with Ted Alexandro. Thank you, I’m here all week.

Andi Smith – The Palin effect
Funny cause it’s true. And the guys in the back of the room? They’re network executives.

Dave Fulton – 9-11 wasn’t necessary
Future terrorists take note: Skip the flying lessons and get a job at WaMu.

Vince Morris – Baby stepping towards no N word
Vince counsels black people on how to wean themselves off using the n-word. That’s great for black people, Vince, but what about me? I’d like to stop too.

Marina Franklin – Sassy black comedians
Like me, Marina idolizes comedians who kill without jokes. How do they do it, and why can’t the rest of us?

Martha Kelley – I’m not having kids
Picked for the word “gaybo.” Or is it spelled “gaybeaux,” which is French and therefore more gay?