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Barats & Bereta, Bereta & Barats

Straight out of Spokane, Washington, comes Luke Barats and Joe Bereta, colloquially known as Barats & Bereta, are this week’s Guest Editors. They’ve been in the funny video game since early 2006, and have translated all that internet juice into a development deal with NBC Universal and a name drop in Variety Magazine, decreeing them to be two of the fifty most influential comedy people in 2006. Also, feature film development. Speaking of film, you can consider this week’s Guest Editor post to be the Director’s Cut edition. Barats & Bereta supplied us with more Staff Picks, just too hot for the Guest Editor page. You can check ’em out below!

Todd Merriman – Sir Issac Newton Black Sabbath Style
Anyone who can turn history into fantasy rock wins in my book.

Kevin Avery – Thugs the Musical
I’d watch that musical.

Dan Cummins – I don’t want my kid to be smart
Smart kids suck and Mr. Cummins is a Northwestian and that doesn’t suck.

Ditch Films – Whyshawyn Interview
I think I’ve known several Wyshawns in my day.

God’s Pottery – God’s Pottery bust a rhyme
In character all the time and I love it.

Cheryl the Soccer Mom – Picture of a giant penis
The delivery of the joke at the end is gold.

Greg Brainos – Oregon Trail
I loved that game so much…

Reid Faylor – Jimmy Stewart Cop Killer
Great impression, great music….I smell a hit.

Nitin Kant – Slipping into the USA
We’re all guilty of slipping into the USA.