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Appetite for Guest Editortion

I was absolutely stoked with the release of the original Guitar Hero. I was so stoked that I (cheap plug) wrote an article for SFist about the release of it back in 2005.

But this isn’t about me and my futile quest at blogging noteworthiness, this is about Helen McWilliams, our Guest Editor for the week! Helen works at Harmonix, the original developers of the Guitar Hero series, and now developers of Rock Band 1 (and 2!). And because of Harmonix’s work on Guitar Hero, they proved that music games didn’t have to just be about stomping arrows to saccharine sweet Japanese pop. Also, because of Harmonix, phrases like “star power” and “five starring YYZ on expert” have entered our cultural lexicon. For that, I am forever thankful.

This week, we’re doing something different, instead of a clip by clip analysis each clip by Helen, we have a quick collective rundown on why she picked the clips she picked. And honestly, being the vocalist/guitarist in a band named Vagiant means Helen can do whatever the hell she wants during her Guest Editorship.

Ali Wong’s clip is one of my new all-time favorites, and I’m a big fan of all of Andi Smith’s clips. Really looking forward to seeing more of both of them. Nico Santos’s clip killed me as well – the Boston joke was priceless. In general, I picked clips based on how much I want to do bath-time make-outs and naked bedtimes with the comics involved.