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Zach Ward’s got a whole lot of Guest Editing to do

I’ve been very stoked to follow this week’s Guest Editor, Zach Ward on Twitter (@zachward) the last few days. In addition to being the owner of Dirty South Improv Comedy Theater, he’s producing the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival (@nccomedyarts), which to those keeping track is kicking off today!

But lest we forget that Zach Ward, on top of owning the DSI and producing this festival is a comedian himself, grabbing critical acclaim with his comedy acts, including Mister Diplomat, Senior PGA, and Dual Exhaust (which by the way was named one of the Top 10 “Most Influential Comedy Duos of the Past Decade” by the Chicago Tribune).

With all that said, let’s all wish Zach Ward nothing but the best with the NCCAF! Now let’s bask his glow of Guest Editorship.

Erin Foley – Life of a locksmith
I was at this show in Aspen last year. Awesome set from start to finish. Major funny crush on this comic. But she’s a Lesbian so no chance. My favorite part of the clip was her dealing with a sneeze in the crowd. Endearing move and we were totally along for the ride.

Jason Wheeler – Batman’s new voice
I already dig Batman so I’m in. I didn’t need the Zyrtec reference because the concept was so much fun. I’m dreaming of a web series with Batman conversations in this voice. More awkwardly personal Batman. Jason? Anyone?

Robert Hawkins – Practicing for marriage
Who doesn’t LOVE Robert Hawkins? So funny. I’ve been engaged three times myself. Married, zero times. Honestly, Robert could pace and talk about anything and I’d be totally engaged. HA! Engaged. Yeah. Sorry.

Mary Mack – Getting pregnant
I have watched a lot of Mary’s clips. It was hard to decide because I really like her voice, and could listen to her do bits about her family over and over. But, for my money, which I didn’t have to pay because these clips are free, you can’t beat hearing her talk about accidentally doing squats, on sperm.

Tim Harmston – Telemarketer question
37-seconds. Set-up. Punchline. Beat. Punchline #2. Beat. Tag. Perfect. RINSE and Repeat.


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