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Ask a Comic – Troy Baxley

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be in the presence of a very eccentrically animated and unconventionally expressive comedian…wonder no more. Everyone, meet Troy Baxley.
Troy is this year’s headlining comic at Colorado State University during our National College Comedy Competition.

Like poking a rattle snake with a stick, we ask Troy Baxley asinine questions and hope we can keep the swelling down…

Sabrina: Valentines Day is almost here, create 3 new messages to go on those chalky pepto-colored heart candies:

1 her
2 pes
3 you?

Sabrina: Finish this sentence “When in Rome….”
Troy: Roam around in your “WHAT STINKS?” t-shirt.

Sabrina: You are forced to choose: Fantasia 3D or Disney on Ice?
Troy: Fantasia 3D! Disney on ice just sounds morbid.

Sabrina: You have a joke on our site about creating a Home Depot for trailer parks. What are 5 items that one might find when visiting this fine fictitious establishment?
Troy: Bandana bin, black eye concealer, snuggie (with Harley Davidson logo), “Bless This Mess” kitchen placard, and “GOUT-OUTTA-HERE” brand gout relief cream.

Catch more asinine-ness from Troy “What Stinks?” Baxley on Thurs, Feb 12th at CSU/Ramskeller @ 6pm.


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