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Ask a Comic – Kevin Avery

California comic and Space Cowboy, Kevin Avery, is UC Santa Barbara’s headlining comedian for this year’s National College Comedy Competition.

Ladies and gentleman, consider yourselves warned…

Sabrina: If you were to hurl an inanimate object at someone, what would it be?
Kevin: A grenade. It wouldn’t be anything personal, I’ve just always wanted to yell “Fire in the hole!”

Sabrina: If you were forced to accept payment for allowing people to punch you, where on your body would you let people sock-it-to-ya?
Kevin: It’s called deep-tissue massage.

Sabrina: Combine any two animals to form a new creature and give it a name.
Kevin: A cross between a monkey and a dragon…that lives in my apartment. Don’t have a name for it, but I smell sitcom!!!

Sabrina: Rhinestone Cowboy or Space Cowboy?
Kevin: Love Battlestar Galactica. Do not love country music. I think you know my answer.

Sabrina: Do you prefer oral thermometers or more frontier methods?
Kevin: I have a feeling my previous “Fire in the hole” comment would apply to this question as well.

Sabrina: Something that caught your eye or quickly crossed your mind while performing recently:
Kevin: While I was onstage one night, I looked down and noticed that two women in the front row had unknowingly dropped a napkin in one of the candle holders and set the table on fire. The phrase “Follow that, motherfucker!” immediately ran through my mind.

To check out Kevin’s mad comedy skills and all the comedic talents of UC Santa Barbara, grab your friends and head to UCSB/Embarcadero Hall on Tues, Feb 10th @ 8pm.

Think you’re school is as funny as UC Santa Barbara Students? Prove it!

Go and sign-up now!

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