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Chris Hardwick, Nerdist & Guest Editor

Growing up in the 90’s, I used to think the way adults found true love was to appear MTV’s Singled Out with Jenny McCarthy (later Carmen Electra). I did not realize until much later in life that this week’s Guest Editor was the co-host of Singled Out, Chris Hardwick (not to be confused with competitive speed Rubik’s cube solver Chris Hardwick).

Chris Hardwick is a nerd. This may or may not be obvious from his own personal site, Nerdist. But if you are not convinced, maybe a song about Pi written by him and Mike Phirman (when their two powers are combined, they form funny-comedy-science-parody-music-duo Hard ‘n Phirm), being the host of Wired Science on PBS, writer for Wired (in magazine form), and more recently gadget reviewer on G4. You can check out an amazing video that Chris and his Phirm counterpart did at last week’s CES this year here!

And to those in the San Francisco Bay Area, should very much so check out Chris’s live, on-stage comedic stylings as apart of SF Sketchfest this year!

Comedy Death Ray
Jan 30, 10:30pm at Cobb’s Comedy Club

Game Show Explosion!
Jan 31, 8pm AT Cobb’s Comedy Club

Chris Hardwick is a nerd to aspire to be. With that said, here is some amazing commentary on Chris’s Guest Editor picks below.

Maria Bamford – Women comics
I’ve been friends with Maria for ten years and she never fails to blow me away. She has one of the most unique stand-up (and actual) voices of anyone I know. I remember talking to her when she was developing this bit about what it was going to be and doubling over with hearty laughs when I finally saw it for the first time. Most comics write comedy but Maria Bamford IS comedy.

Tommy Johnagin – Commonlaw marriage
I particularly love the very last joke of the clip. I met Tommy at Montreal a couple of years ago and believe that he will be one of those “wealthy comic” types. Plus, his last name has a first name in it. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED, PEOPLE???

Andy Kindler – Laser eye surgery
Andy Kindler: Anything. That’s not the name of a clip, that’s an overall concept. I would watch Andy Kindler strip bark off a tree while describing the process.

Drew Hastings – AARP marketing tactics
I don’t think the audience caught because it came out as kind of a quick throw-away but I LOVED “The World According to AARP”.

Dwayne Perkins – Dependable homeless people
“Nat King Cole ate my biscuits.”

Tom Papa – Riff raff air
Tom Papa used to be a woman and we were married. One day she found an old penis in the dirt and had it attached by a blacksmith in a Wild West factory outlet mall near Bakersfield. Eight months later, we divorced. Though I can never be with Tom vaginally again, I satisfy that need by laughing at “his” comedy.


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