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Standup Women [Stand]Update Vol. 2!

Hey everybody –

Here I am again, as promised, with all the funny lady news you can stomach.

  • Tina Fey won a Golden Globe or two for 30 Rock, and had a couple choice words for her internet foes.

  • Stand-up comic, Daily Show correspondant, Flight of the Conchords actress, and improv all star Kristen Schaal has an interview up at In it she talks indie comedy, the future, and the impact of Sarah Palin on women in comedy.
  • Apparently Ann Coulter says the crazy things she does in the name of COMEDY. She is a COMEDY writer. Ohhhh. So she’s like Seinfeld! That makes TOTAL sense… what?
  • Renowned psychic Paula Roberts predicts that 2009 will be the year of some epic Sarah Silverman/Tina Fey catfight. I hate that term ‘catfight’. It’s so sexist. Can we just call it a dumb bitch battle?
  • Though they are still woefully underrepresented, a few ladies made it to the Top 20 of the Comedy Central Stand-up Showdown. Punchline Magazine recaps. Our very own Lisa Landry is in there!
  • Among the funny people set to appear/perform at this year’s San Francisco Sketchfest, some amazingly hilarious women: Rachel Dratch, Tig Notaro, Janeane Garofalo, Maria Bamford, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Laraine Newman… and me! (I’m with Things We Made on the 31st). It all starts this Thursday!
  • Amy Sedaris narrates the new six-part PBS series Make Em Laugh. It’s about comedy. Promise. As a promotion, they released an online-only episode about the WWW.
  • Being the token Golden Girls fanatic in my (vast, vast) circle of friends, many have alerted me to a current phenomenon of homemade GG merchandise selling like hotcakes all over the internet. Necklaces, tote bags, plush dolls, and more. Kind of creepy. Kind of amazing.

Now I’ll leave you with my Standup Women pick of the week! The EXTREME Maggie Faris (of brings you: “Dink!”


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