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elbow macaroni Presents: Open Mic Night with Colin! Episode 19

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The New Clip Round-Up Is Ready to Go

Three day workweek here everybody else comes! And then Thanksgiving, and then everybody can stop whining about how everybody is putting up Christmas decorations way too early when Thanksgiving didn’t happen yet. But because by that point in the timeline, Thanksgiving would’ve happened, blah blah blah temporal mechanics blah blah blah illusion of free will blah blah blah.

Not me, because I’m getting a cist drained from my knee on Tuesday. But those clips are here, after this jump.

And What Do You Call The Act? Paul Provenza!

So a man walks into a talent agent’s office. Oh wait, we’re not doing that? Damnit. Well, regardless the legendary Paul Provenza is this week’s Guest Editor at RooftopComedy. If it wasn’t Northern Exposure’s last season you saw him in, or an episode of Miami Vice AND Charles in Charge in 1989, then surely you’ve seen him perform stand-up? He’s been doing it for 30 years, after all. Or seen him on stage? He was off-Broadway in Steve Martin’s “Picasso at the Lapin Agile” among other theater projects, in addition to writing, directing, and producing.

And if not that, then you must have seen 2005’s record breaking “The Aristocrats” which he directed, and co-produced with Penn Jillette. Speaking of film, he’s also producing Eddie Ifft’s documentary, “America – The Punchline”, which yes, was mentioned here on the blog before!

So stage, theater, television, what is Paul going conquer next? Print! Around this time, next year ┬íSATIRISTAS! will be SATIRISTA-ing a bookshelf or Wish List near you. Co-authored with Dan Dion, with Tanner Colby, ┬íSATIRISTAS! is a compilation of interviews with the best controversial and provocative comedians out there. And with all THAT said, here’s what Paul himself had to say about his clips as Guest Editor.

Reid Faylor – Funniest Person 2008 Winner:
A new face in comedy, this cat’s surreal and bizarre; edgy and dark. The kids are alright.

Gary Gulman – Holiday travel hassles
By far the best comic on the Dane Cook tour, Gulman always hits home.

Doug Stanhope – I act this way because of my sign!
Doug is by far the best comedian working in America today. This is just a small example why- he thinks the way we all should but don’t.

Dom Irrera – Stupid security questions
Pound for pound, one of the all time best comics of our generation. See how character and persona make comedy out of thin air.

Henry Phillips – End of the world
This guy is just a genius, that’s all there is to it. The best music/comedy act around.

Eddie Ifft – Baghdad Olympic Games
Eddie is one of those guys who says the unthinkable. Here he gives a solution to the Iraq war that actually makes damn sense.

A Tight 5ive Never Left

Because it was here all along. Nick DiPaolo, which you might have recognized as being a star on the lamented Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn or for being twice nominated writing on The Chris Rock Show is this week’s Tight 5ive-ee.

But if you are to take ANYTHING from this clip, it’s to be wary of shaking Dylan Gadino’s hand. Sorry Dylan.

An Interview With Matt Bearden

Matt Bearden was one of the eight comedians to win a Rusty Nail at this year’s Aspen RooftopComedy Festival. Does knowing this information remind you of finding out who was the final five Cylons on Battlestar Galactica, or finding out who was on the Oceanic Six on LOST. Well it’s not like it’s a total secret, and if you follow the clues, or read the spoilers or whatever. Anyway, Matt Bearden was on TV too! Does that make him a Cylon? Probably not.

Paolo: What was it like to perform at funfunfunfest a couple of weeks ago? Also, I read somewhere about a mustache incident happening, by way of aspecialthing, would you care to elaborate? Was there even an incident?
Matt: Fun Fun Fun Fest was, for the lack of creativity, very fun. Wow. I just re-read that first sentence and realized how lame it is. I mean, it’s terrible. Sure, I could re-write it, but why not let your audience know what an unfunny douche I really am?

Anyhow . . . two days, perfect weather, free beer. Pretty much a wining combo. I got into the spirit of things and did a stage dive during my set. It was as punk as I get. The guys who run Fun Fun (Transmission Entertainment) seem to be showing a lot of faith in comedy these days. They ran a similar thing during this past SXSW called “Mess With Texas”. Highlights included Tig (Notaro), PFT (Paul F. Tompkins), Reggie Watts, and others along side The Breeders, Matt & Kim, and Jay Reatard, et. al. Both events revolve around outdoor stages, which can usually be the kiss of death for stand up, but if you approach it correctly, it’s a blast.

I hate to disappoint you, but there really wasn’t much of a “mustache incident”. Occasionally, I’ll invite someone else with a stache to join me on stage so that we can touch our cock-dusters together. Like a dude-on-dude kiss, but without actual lip contact. It’s perhaps the most awkwardly looking and feeling thing. This kid in the FFFF audience was a particular trooper. He apparently thought I was inviting him up to simply touch my mustache. Like, with his hands. But once I corrected him, he seemed to be a good sport, and even let me deliver a joke while we stood, nose-to-nose in near bro-love glory. Then we got arrested for violating Prop 8.

More with Matt, after the jump!

Rooftop Comics at TBS Comedy Festival

The TBS Comedy Festival is on the horizon this week, and with some of the biggest names in Comedy (yes, with a capital ‘C’) are coming out to play (aside from Katt Williams) in Las Vegas — your, Jerry Seinfelds, David Allen Greiers, Ellen Degeneres, Cheech and Chongs, Kids in the Halls, and yes even Dane Cooks of the world, for example.

On top of that, some Rooftop comics will be performing, godspeed to Robert Hawkins, Eddie Gossling, Ian Bagg, Whitney Cummings, and Paul Varghese! They’ll be performing at the TBS LOL Lounge, which will be webcasted live! Check out LOL Lounge site for details.

Also, yay to Josh Blue and Ralphie May for their own show at the festival, and to Mitch Fatel who will be performing with Jamie Kennedy and Danny Bhoy!

With all this talent in Vegas, it makes me wonder if some kind of hilarious Vegas heist caper involving some of the best and brightest robbing an Andy Garcia-ian casino owner will ensue over the week. What if this festival is just a cover for some heist involving funny people? I saw that Ocean’s Eleven documentary, it won’t be the first time something like this has happened.

elbow macaroni Presents: Open Mic Night with Colin! Episode 18

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The New Clip Round-Up Is Not Bundling Up

This weather is magnificent right now in San Francisco. And to celebrate, here’s some new clips for the week!

Boy, do I feel like an ass for bringing that pea coat with me this morning. Clips, after the jump!

Don’t Forget the ‘E’

With credits including, Last Comic Standing, Jay Leno, BET’s Comic View, Showtime’s Comedy Without Borders, and performing at our own Aspen RooftopComedy Festival in May, Sacramento-based Mike E. Winfield is a favorite here at Rooftop (Not ‘the’ favorite mind you, you’re all our favorites). And a really nice guy I would like to add.

Paolo: You performed at our Aspen Comedy Festival back in May. What was that like for you?
Mike: Aspen is a beautiful town. I have been to many festivals, and I like the way that Rooftop seemed to showcase many different styles and talents. I attended so many of the shows. I also learned to play poker at this festival which has changed my life. At the poker tables nowadays, I have attitude. I don’t win, but I have attitude.

From a performers aspect, May was a very experimental time for me in comedy. I was like, “Hm, let’s try this tonight.” In the process of growth, you go through stages where you want to be at another level, and I find as I continue pursuing that you can’t ever force it. I’m glad that I was able to be a part of that festival. It helped me realize that the world is bigger than just the East and the West Coast.

More with Mike, after the jump!


USA! USA! More specifically: MSP!MSP!

So check it out, y’all: I, Emily H, Rooftop intern, got to go to Minneapolis, home of the world-famous Acme comedy club. All our favorite Acme comics did a really great job of showing me around town and generally proving that Minneapolis is the best comedy place ever, filled with the best comedy people ever, and also: lots of lakes.

Adventures in Minneapolis, after the jump!