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Happy Holidays from RooftopComedy

A Happy Holidays video greeting from your RooftopComedy All-Stars and Santa Claus (SF’s own Sean Keane).

It’s name was Super Deluxe.

It’s name was Super Deluxe.
It’s name was Super Deluxe.

Long live Super Deluxe.

This Guest Editor is not a douche

You might recognize this week’s Guest Editor as being the Best of Fest winner of this year’s Aspen RooftopComedy Festival. You might recognize him from Season 1, Episode 2 of the gone before it’s time Pushing Daisies. You might recognize him from an episode of iCarly. You might recognize him from this season of MADtv. You might recognize him from a commercial about douches. I recognized Matt Braunger from his appearance in the second episode of the gone before it’s time Channel 101 hit, Utopia, which helped change my life in the summer of 2005.

It’s Matt Braunger’s world, you might just recognize him in it. Long time readers of this blog might also recognize him from a post Aspen interview I conducted with him (and Auggie Smith) early in this blog!

And now, Matt Braunger’s thoughts on his picks!

Pat Brice – Rent or own
Pat Brice R.I.P. He was a great friend of mine and just a blast to watch. I used to joke that he “Looks like a model, sounds like a teamster” (a la the Easy Spirit commercials). I miss him a lot.

Tom Segura – Using a payphone in 2007
I love Tom’s slow, “come here I got a secret” delivery. Great joke too.

Matt Braunger – Fresh idea for a not so fresh feeling
Here’s one of my own. And yes, I was in a douche ad. As far as being a man in the industry, it’s just slightly better than being a fluffer in a porno.

Chris Fairbanks – Changing my style
Chris is a good pal and one of my all-time faves. His style is ridiculous.

CJ Sullivan – I was a child comic
“This is nerve wracking!” is what every comic wishes they could say onstage. CJ is the best.

Hannibal Buress – Athletes and their stupid ads
Hannibal is from Chicago. Wait, I mean outer space.

Tig Notaro – Jenny Craig’s a slut
Tig and I did Aspen together when she shot this. I watched from the balcony chock full of beer. Me, not the balcony. But they should do that too.

It’s Gabe Kea

This week on Funny Title Here We have St. Louis based, former Canadian Gabe Kea (bringing our known Canadian interview total to two). And twice in a week, I ask about what’s going on in Canada. Just what exactly is going on in Canada? Anybody like know know? Because until them I’m assuming that the Prime Minister just won a ladder match against Parliament, so Parliament is fired from Canada.


Paolo: I was just talking to Kathleen McGee about what happened in Canada last week. You are a Canadian ex-pat, do you have any insight as to what happened with Canadian politics?
Gabe: I find that people in Canada are less attached to their political parties, whereas people in the states are identify themselves with their political parties almost before they affiliate themselves with being American.

More with Gabe Kea after the jump!

A Tight 5ive Has Its Hand Up Its Butt.

Jeff Dunham is this week’s A Tight 5iver and he brought friends. Well, a friend. And if by friend you mean puppet. But you know what I mean. He is a ventriloquist (plus comedian) after all. And that’s a compliment. There are no meatballs in this interview though, but please don’t hold it against any of the involved parties.

St. Louis Sketch Week

In April of 2008 in the year of our Lord, comedians descended on an unsuspecting St. Louis, MO with only one objective in mind. Commit funny to DV tape. And, as it was prophesied by the Gods of comedy (So say we all) it came to pass. And we have the proof. Check out our front page for one of the seven sketches birthed on those fateful couple of days. Or you could watch it below. Or you could check out the page containing all of the seven sketches. You should also know that fans of Rooftop should be recognizing a bunch of faces in these sketches.

A full list of people to recognize as follows after the jump.

You should probably know these people:

Andi Smith and Lisa Landry Live Forever (In List Form)

If it’s one thing I love, it’s year end lists. I mean this. It enables me to cram of all life experiences of the past year that I should have been experiencing in the first place in a couple of weeks, and still feel afterward that I have led a fulfilling year. It’s quite efficient. And I hardly have to do any work on my end.

Punchline Magazine just came out with their ten best comedy albums of 2008, and, you can go there and check out who made the cut, or you just need to know that our very own Andi Smith’s debut album Homeperm just ranked as third best album of 2008 and Lisa Landry’s Put Your Keys in the Keybowl comes in at eight. This is something, on top of Lisa already making the Top Ten Comedy Albums of the ought-eight on iTunes.

Do you really officially exist if you don’t show up in a year-end top ten list anywhere? That’s a scary thought. Regardless congratulations to Andi and Lisa! And you know, you can cop their albums (if you haven’t already did) at the RooftopComedy Store. Or iTunes. But of course.

The day the laughter traded for below a dollar

I wouldn’t know if getting accused by the SEC for fraud is the newest gotta have it accessory for the season. You could ask Mark Cuban, or Daniel S. Laikin, the CEO of the National Lampoon brand. Yesterday, he was accused by the SEC by attempting to artificially inflate stock prices by paying people off to buy stock, which isn’t like the pump and dump scheme in Gordon Gekko in Wall Street, although I mostly just wanted to type out pump and dump.

The LA Times can probably say it better than I ever can, despite having experience watching Wall Street, Boiler Room, and the period in 2005 where I pretended to look like I was reading Fortune magazine on the train.

I’ll say this though you guys, laughter is dead. Unless we can spin this into some kind of meta, Arrested Development-esqe kind of docu-sitcom deal. It’ll tide us over until the will-they-or-won’t-they Arrested Development movie, I guess.

elbow macaroni Presents: Open Mic Night with Colin! Episode 22

Click the thumbnail for the full-res version!
Click here for more elbow macaroni!

Hot Lixx Hulahan Is A World Champion Guest Editor

I’m not a scientific genius by any stretch of the imagination, not unlike the great scientific geniuses of our time, Alton Brown, Mr. Wizard, Bill Nye, The Mythbusters (Bay Ariiiii-yaaaah). But there has got to be something scientific, if not out outright magical with our Guest Editor this week, Hot Lixx Hulahan.

I mean I would like to know the metabolic processes his body goes through in order to convert pure AIR into absolute RAWK. He must be doing something right, being that he did win the 2006 and 2008 US National championships in the sport of Air Guitar (A topic which nearly drove our CEO Will and Producer Prime Chris to blows).

Might I add that he did just win in August the 2008 World Air Guitar Championship? Don’t they give out Nobel Peace Prizes for that kind of stuff? Suck it, relativity. After being champion of 2008 and the world, what is there left for Hot Lixx Hulahan to do besides guest edit on our humble page? Well, talk about his Guest Editor picks, that’s for damn sure.

To wit:

Sean Cullen – A friend for all time
I dare you NOT to be singing this for the rest of the day.

Alex Koll – Alex reads your emails
Something tells me this guy likes Weird Al and that’s good enough for me.

Rick Reyes – Walmart doctors
It is funny cuz it is true.

Brent Weinbach – Creepy eyes
The more awkward, the better – and this guy knows awkward.

Caitlin Gill – My awesome bod
What is standup comedy but a venue to vindicate insecurities?

Rob O’Reilly – A bad break-up
A well-done run-with-it.