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Dylan Gadino Leads us Into 2009.

Dylan Gadino is the Guest Editor who will sheppard us into out of the wretched cesspool of 2008, and into the future that is 2009. Hopefully rocket boots are in this future. If not, you know who to blame for that.

But seriously, Dylan Gadino is the founder and editor of the Internet’s own, and as mentioned on this blog on more than one occasion, one of RooftopComedy’s BFFs, from covering our Aspen RooftopComedy Festival, to co-producing A Tight 5ive with us, I would be quite remiss if I neglected to say that Dylan and the fine folks at Punchline have done a lot for this humble site on the Internet.

And with that said, here’s an honest to God quote from The Dylan himself, with some kind words about RooftopComedy, and him leading himself off to his thoughts about his clips. Also, congrats on achieving the title of “Father” for the last month and couple of days, good sir.

One of the things I love about Rooftop is that very new comics share the same virtual pages as the well-established. This list is a nice cross-section of that dynamic.

Also! To all those in the NYC area, check out the Punchline produced Marc Maron show, Scorching the Earth! Buy the tickets here!

Cy Amundson – How to please your man
I think Cy’s one of the best young talents on Rooftop. It was hard to choose just one clip of his.

Jon Fisch – My kind of yoga
Short and sweet, and catches you by surprise.

Andy Erikson – Naked relief
What is it about Minnesota and talented, quirky comedians?

Ted Alexandro – Jesus was buff
By now, this is one of Ted’s classic bits. I’m glad Rooftop caught it for their collection.

Jonathan Pace – Cost effective plunger
This is just a well-written, well paced poop joke.

Paul Varghese – Hungover at church
I love Paul’s act-out in this bit.


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