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Dan Cummins Wishes You A Happy Kwanzaa

Some of the Rooftop-ites are back in the office from various Christmas/holiday activities, and are nursing various holiday related mishaps, in preparation for the coup of 2008’s reign of terror as 2009 gets installed as the new leader of chronological year keeping. On that note, we hope that your last few days have been great, regardless of what you celebrate!

Although, we’re not out of the holiday woods yet, people. Sure, Christmas was last Thursday, and Hanukkah ends tonight, but ladies and gentlemen, we are in the THICK of Kwanzaa. We’re four days into Kwanzaa right now, and just to add a little bit of world view in your life, the fourth night of Kwanzaa represents Ujamaa, or Collective Economics.

On that note, Dan Cummins has made an E-Card for Kwanzaa. All of Kwanzaa.


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