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It’s Gabe Kea

This week on Funny Title Here We have St. Louis based, former Canadian Gabe Kea (bringing our known Canadian interview total to two). And twice in a week, I ask about what’s going on in Canada. Just what exactly is going on in Canada? Anybody like know know? Because until them I’m assuming that the Prime Minister just won a ladder match against Parliament, so Parliament is fired from Canada.


Paolo: I was just talking to Kathleen McGee about what happened in Canada last week. You are a Canadian ex-pat, do you have any insight as to what happened with Canadian politics?
Gabe: I find that people in Canada are less attached to their political parties, whereas people in the states are identify themselves with their political parties almost before they affiliate themselves with being American.

Paolo: How did you get into comedy?
Gabe: 9/11 . . . September 11th 1973 when the Chilean government was over thrown by a CIA backed coup d’état.

Paolo: Who are your comedic influences?
Gabe: Dana Carvey’s “Ross Perot,” Tina Fey’s “Sarah Palin,” and anyone else who makes waves… little waves.

Paolo: What was the absolute worst show you ever had?

Gabe: It was an open mic at a lesbian bar. I was heckled off stage. I had to calm myself down by listening to Tegan and Sara on the ride home.

Paolo: Do you know where the most racist city in America is? Have you ever been there, and just how racist was it?
Gabe: Holocaustdenyingville, Montana??? I would think that Lynchburg, Tennessee could have been considered a racist city at some point. But I do a joke in which I say that Saint Louis is the most racist city. And oddly enough, people don’t seem to mind that I’m lying; which leads me to believe that if you’re racist, you’re probably not too worried about facts.

Paolo: Canada. What do you miss about it?
Gabe: Lakes, loons, multi-coloured money… and don’t even get me started on those misplaced “u”s!