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St. Louis Sketch Week

In April of 2008 in the year of our Lord, comedians descended on an unsuspecting St. Louis, MO with only one objective in mind. Commit funny to DV tape. And, as it was prophesied by the Gods of comedy (So say we all) it came to pass. And we have the proof. Check out our front page for one of the seven sketches birthed on those fateful couple of days. Or you could watch it below. Or you could check out the page containing all of the seven sketches. You should also know that fans of Rooftop should be recognizing a bunch of faces in these sketches.

A full list of people to recognize as follows after the jump.

Greg Warren , Auggie Smith, Mark Gross, Chad Daniels, Henry Phillips, Isaac Witty, Saleem, Tommy Drake, Cecily Knobler, Dan Chopin, Nikki Glaser, Amanda Valentino, Sarah Tollemache, Keith Cissel, Clayton Champagne, Gabe Kea, Michael Shawki, Eric Nigg, Nicole Pamilia, Liza Kalz