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Andi Smith and Lisa Landry Live Forever (In List Form)

If it’s one thing I love, it’s year end lists. I mean this. It enables me to cram of all life experiences of the past year that I should have been experiencing in the first place in a couple of weeks, and still feel afterward that I have led a fulfilling year. It’s quite efficient. And I hardly have to do any work on my end.

Punchline Magazine just came out with their ten best comedy albums of 2008, and, you can go there and check out who made the cut, or you just need to know that our very own Andi Smith’s debut album Homeperm just ranked as third best album of 2008 and Lisa Landry’s Put Your Keys in the Keybowl comes in at eight. This is something, on top of Lisa already making the Top Ten Comedy Albums of the ought-eight on iTunes.

Do you really officially exist if you don’t show up in a year-end top ten list anywhere? That’s a scary thought. Regardless congratulations to Andi and Lisa! And you know, you can cop their albums (if you haven’t already did) at the RooftopComedy Store. Or iTunes. But of course.