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Hot Lixx Hulahan Is A World Champion Guest Editor

I’m not a scientific genius by any stretch of the imagination, not unlike the great scientific geniuses of our time, Alton Brown, Mr. Wizard, Bill Nye, The Mythbusters (Bay Ariiiii-yaaaah). But there has got to be something scientific, if not out outright magical with our Guest Editor this week, Hot Lixx Hulahan.

I mean I would like to know the metabolic processes his body goes through in order to convert pure AIR into absolute RAWK. He must be doing something right, being that he did win the 2006 and 2008 US National championships in the sport of Air Guitar (A topic which nearly drove our CEO Will and Producer Prime Chris to blows).

Might I add that he did just win in August the 2008 World Air Guitar Championship? Don’t they give out Nobel Peace Prizes for that kind of stuff? Suck it, relativity. After being champion of 2008 and the world, what is there left for Hot Lixx Hulahan to do besides guest edit on our humble page? Well, talk about his Guest Editor picks, that’s for damn sure.

To wit:

Sean Cullen – A friend for all time
I dare you NOT to be singing this for the rest of the day.

Alex Koll – Alex reads your emails
Something tells me this guy likes Weird Al and that’s good enough for me.

Rick Reyes – Walmart doctors
It is funny cuz it is true.

Brent Weinbach – Creepy eyes
The more awkward, the better – and this guy knows awkward.

Caitlin Gill – My awesome bod
What is standup comedy but a venue to vindicate insecurities?

Rob O’Reilly – A bad break-up
A well-done run-with-it.


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