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Birbigila keeps audience wide-eyed in “Sleepwalk With Me”

Birbiglia On stage performing "Sleepwalk With Me."

Birbiglia On stage performing "Sleepwalk With Me."

I’m a big fan of Mike Birbiglila…add to that the ridiculously awesome reviews of his one man show at the Bleecker Street Theatre in New York City, and I’m on the verge of forgoing family Christmas presents to fly 5,000 miles and get a gander at this epic union of superb stand-up comedy and theatrical genius.

The best thing about good ol’ Birbigs is that he manages to poke fun at quintessential life experiences gone awry that most of us would consider grounds for mortification.  Birbiglia is able to humble his audience by relating to them as if he were divulging his innermost secrets to a close friend.  The Associated Press commends Bribiglia’s brilliance in this coming-of-age monologue as he “spins a self-deprecating account of awkwardness, procrastination and insecurity in the face of some of life’s most serious realities.”

Directed by Tony Award-winning Nathan Lane, “Sleepwalk With Me” was manifested over a four year period of Birbiglia’s life, which included his diagnosis with REM behavior disorder, which causes him to act out his dreams with a risk of harmful consequences.  As a result, he now dozes off in a special sleeping bag that restricts his movements.  With events like these that have impacted his life in imperative ways, Birbiglia has created and anecdotal, smart, and side-splitting show that the New York Times calls “simply perfect.”

“Sleepwalk With Me” runs through Jan. 18.  If you can catch him on Dec. 10 you are in for a treat:  A post-show segment entitled “Awkward 10 Minutes with Mike,” with special guest Ira Glass, host of one of my favorite NPR shows “This American Life.”

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