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USA! USA! More specifically: MSP!MSP!

So check it out, y’all: I, Emily H, Rooftop intern, got to go to Minneapolis, home of the world-famous Acme comedy club. All our favorite Acme comics did a really great job of showing me around town and generally proving that Minneapolis is the best comedy place ever, filled with the best comedy people ever, and also: lots of lakes.

First, Amber Preston took me to the Mall of America. Fun fact: Minneapolis is the birthplace of the modern mall. The idea came from it being INSANELY COLD but people wanting to eat at Panda Express after buying consumer electronics and khakis anyway!

The Mall of America figured out that people also want to ride rides most of the time, so they put in Nickelodeon themed roller coasters. Amber was a good mom-figure and held my backpack and took pictures of me as I rode the Backyardigans spinny swing ride.

Another thing the Mall of America is good for is pranks. Check out this one someone did at Gap Kids!


Later, we went to a thrift store and I got this amazing onesie for $2!

The next day, the incomparable Jessi Campbell saw fit to show off her Taco Bell rewards card to me and my official blog camera.

And here she is showing remorse about the previous image:

Later, I got to go hang out at Acme! It was beautiful. Here are Amber and Brooks Robinson hanging out.

Don’t be fooled by the innocent looks on their faces. When I went to the bathroom, they did dirty, naughty things with my camera.

I got to perform at the open mic. What a thrill! I was nervous, as it was the biggest crowd I’d ever performed in front of. Everyone was really supportive and nice though. All the time people were so nice. This is true.

After the show we took to the stage to send a very special message to everyone back home.

I, for one, am totally scandalized (this is the amazing Tom Steffen, btw).

Among other things, John Chung IS lady parts.

Cy Amundson and Ben San Del, taking a stand on the John Chung issue.

Minneapolis has not been immune to the recent economic troubles facing America.

Amber and Tom make adjustments. They are total recessionistas.

Apparently Cy is mad at Jessi about something. I wonder what?

I am going to opt out of contextualizing this for you.

One stack of dudes with balls on top, coming right up.

Seriously, Rooftop? AGAIN?

This one is the best. Paolo, your move.

Thanks to EVERYONE who hung out with me and made me have fun times! Amber, Jessi, Cy, Tommy, Erik, Brooks, Ben, Tom, Andy, Maggie, and oh man I am forgetting a lot of people, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Now it’s your turn to visit me!

Over and out!


Comment from andy
Time: November 12, 2008, 4:47 pm

Great piece of reporting young grasshopper!!

Looks like an amazing trip, with an amazing crew of funny funsters. Ahoy!!!

Comment from Briana
Time: November 12, 2008, 4:53 pm

WOAH! 1) MSP rules. 2) You better look out, because Paolo might just bring the fire back, ninja-pirate-blog-style.