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Dark Humor

This week on the return of Funny Title Here, we have Atlanta, by way of Jamaica and the Bronx, Drew Thomas!

Paolo: If you say that this Election is like a reality show, what do you hope/think the season finale will be? Will it involve a game-changing twist? (Ed note, questions sent pre-election)
Drew: A lot of people don’t want to admit racism still exist because it doesn’t exist in the form of the past so they are millions of Americans that don’t want a Black President but too late jump on board it’s gonna happen. This just in it did happen. There’s the big finale.

Paolo: How did you get into comedy?
Drew: I always wanted to do it, I was selling cars and turned 30 and said if I don’t try it now I never will, I went back to school got a 2yr degree in Theatre and started doing open mic’s and I found myself.

Paolo: What are your comedic influences?
Drew: I grew up in Jamaica/The Bronx so my early influences were British humor, dark, sarcastic, dry humor I love it, then the smart assness of New York, I saw SNL fell in love with it and heard Eddie Murphy on record and said that’s what I want to do and my family.

Paolo: What was the absolute worst show you ever had?
Drew: I drove a Headliner to a show at a military base and in return I would get 10 min at the top of the show, well they put me up while they were seating the people and no one was listening and just looking at me.

Paolo: If you weren’t a comic, what would you be doing?
Drew: Teaching.

Paolo: I know it’s uncommon, but how does it feel to have two first names?
Drew: I actually have three 1st names Andrew Christopher Thomas but somewhere in Junior HS I realized my initials spelled “act” I don’t think my parents knew what they were doing but it’s profound, foreshadowing at it’s best.

Paolo: And lastly, do you have any last words to your adoring fans who would be reading this now?
Drew: Thanks to everyone who enjoy my sense humor, it’s been an interesting ride so far and I look forward to whats next and how far this can go. I’m excited about it and I want fans that will ride with me to Middle Earth.