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RooftopComedy gets into Election Coverage!

According to there’s only eleven days left until the election ya’ll!

And we here at RooftopComedy think that this is the absolute perfect opportunity to launch our own foray into the heart of American democracy. And make fun of it. Hence, it is with great honor, that I present to you, the loyal RooftopComedy Blog reader with:

That’s right, we are breaking formally into the world of political punditry. But it’ll be funny. I promise. In the lead up to the election we will be presenting the internet with our own humble take on this year’s election, with some of favorite bits about this election from some of our favorite Rooftop comics. Two episodes are up, and they’re funny. Why don’t you check ’em out now? This is pretty important, so important, that I made it its own category!

Expect to hear more about this matter in the coming days!

And remember:
RooftopComedy: the last name in news, the first to get it right.

PS: If you find it in your hearts to do so, tell everybody who matters in your life (and even those who don’t matter) about this. It’s for the greater good.