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John McCain taps that VP

Did you know that Sarah Palin, the Republican governor of Alaska is the second woman to be tapped to run as a Vice Presidential nominee? Yeah! The first was Geraldine Ferraro for Walter Mondale’s presidential run in 1984! The more you know!

But I’ll bet you dollars for distressed property that Palin could be making history by being America’s first VPilf? I bet that’s an honor that not even Dan Quayle, Millard Fillmore, or even the voluptuous Martin Van Buren could say they had firsties on. Hell, Palin was Miss Wasilla AND runner-up in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant! How do you like them apples, Thomas R. Marshall? I can only hope that Joe Biden scores high in the evening gown portion of the elections.

And with that said, I present to you,

Have a great weekend while you go off and feel and weird and tingly in your swimsuit area!