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08/08/08 – F the Olympics

And not because of the whole China/Tibet thing. Whatever, some giant media conglomerate paid a shitload of money to gain exclusive rights to the Olympic broadcast so we can watch some global sports competition. But, really? Shooting and Table Tennis? The only way I would watch those is if the athletes were required to drink shots of whiskey for the entire hour before they compete so there’s an actual challenge involved.

If you find that you’re missing the funny in all that Olympic pomp and circumstance, you should check out our newest comedy buddy, elbow macaroni. Jon Darcel is a one-man show of awesomeness and he’s just launched a new website! He’s got a great open mic storyline that you should check out.

Starting next Monday, his crazy characters will be making an appearance on ye olde Rooftopblog every week!

So dig into the storylines today and check out his site.  He’s got some sweet stuff for sale and 30% of the proceeds are going to be donated to the YWCA of Seattle. How rad is that?

I’m just sayin’, his Olympic Gold comic from today is pure comedic genius.


Comment from Chris
Time: August 8, 2008, 12:28 pm

the olympics are about much more than table tennis and shooting. it’s the one time the entire world collectively turns its attention to something positive.