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Canada, Eh? More like Canada, yay!

Last month, fellow Rooftopper Nate Winters and I visited America’s neighbor to the north to borrow some comedy sugar. We were signing up our 20th partner club, our very first and only in Canada – Rick Bronson’s The Comic Strip. Located in the 2nd biggest mall in North America, (don’t worry, USA, we’re still #1 – f-yeah!), The Comic Strip shares its home with a roller coaster, mini golf course, and full-fledged water park! Oh, and Hooters, lest Nate allow me to forget.

Everyone at the club was amazing. Some shout outs: Rick Bronson, the owner, is supercool and a former comic himself. Tammy, his wife, books the club and is in charge of PR, which works really well because she knows her stuff inside out – talk about industry insider. Dino, the general manager, is a sweetheart who runs a tight (but funny) ship. Anna, who manages reservations and the office, was our comic relief during the day and helped us with anything we needed, which for Nate was finding a ladder and me was finding the fountain soda machine.

The club itself is awesome; huge, great décor, and really cool waitstaff who hooked us up with many a Kokanee beer, it’s no wonder The Comic Strip brings in the biggest comedy names every week (and big crowds to boot). While Nate crawled through the ceiling with wires, I test-test-tested the audio and stalked UPS, who had lost track of our much-needed equipment packages. But by the end of the week, we had a perfect set-up at the club, as evidenced in our first ever Canadian recording on Thursday night with headliner and all-around-great-guy Daniel Kinno.

One of the local comics, Lars Callieou, a regular opener at The Comic Strip, asked to interview us on his comedy radio show he hosts every Wednesday. I said an exuberant “yes!”, only later to realize it was at midnight, and that we’d be the guests for two hours. And by “we”, I mean “I”, as Nate opted to turn in early to make sure he made it to the free continental breakfast while I flew solo as the lone voice of RooftopComedy.

Look, Mom, I'm on the radio.

Look, Mom, I'm on the radio.

It turned out to be a total blast; Lars does a great job with the show, which, hey, what do we have here, oh, it’s a couple of excerpts from the interview:
Once upon a time, there wasn’t comedy on the internet….
Crazy things on stage and Paolo plug

And now, like this guy I saw in Calgary at the Stampede that next weekend, I’m outta here.

"This is me-s@#t."

"This is me-s@#t."


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