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You know what doesn’t suck?

Compilations of things that DO suck. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I’m a total hater. So now I’ve got even more evidence that my employment here at RooftopComedy is still a perfect match for me. We’re kicking off a brand-spankin’ new page replete with angry, cynical, pissed-off comedians (just the way I like them) bitching about their least favorite things. Think of a The Sound of Music and Lewis Black Mash-Up. But better. And no Lederhosen.

It’s called What Sucks. And it totally doesn’t.

So now when you’re chatting with your friend who is complaining about her husband or something, you can log onto RooftopComedy, find a clip under “Being Married Sucks” and send it over to her. And if she still doesn’t stop complaining you can find another clip under “Whiny Annoying Friends Suck” and send that on. And after that? “Having No Friends Sucks” should work for you.

Carry on!