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Montreal Mayhem

Montreal – city of two faces. French & English. Underground & above ground streets. Just for Laughs & Just for Spite. You like that segue? Yeah, you do.

Word from our industry experts just came in. Ok, so maybe the grapes on the comedy vine move a bit slower than your typical Hollywood gossip-fest. This isn’t exactly brand-spankin’-new intel.

Let’s go back to July 16th. Doug Stanhope posts a scathing diatribe on the current state of the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal to 23/6. Citing JFL’s penchant for underpaying their comedians, controlling content by way of pre-set “pep talks”, and riding on the coat-tails of a long gone reputation for providing up and comers with a launch-pad to fame, Stanhope gets pretty in-their-face about the whole thing. Excerpt Here:

…the people who run the festival still get by on exploiting young talent because of their reputation in bygone days, like Christian Slater nailing hot 20-year olds.

Ouch. Looks like Just for Laughs googled themselves and found the post. When Stanhope headed to Club Soda on July 17th the manager referenced was pretty amped up about the whole thing. The two bumped into each other in the green room and exchanged some words. Ok, quite a few words. Lots of words, ending in Stanhope being physically escorted OUT of the building. Needless to say “douchebag” is dropped pretty liberally throughout Stanhope’s rebuttal post on his own blog. Again, I’d like to share his peculiar poetry:

The douchebag that runs the Just For Laughs is a condescending shitbaby who bought the nicest swimming pool so that he’ll live in the illusion that people like him every summer. His name is Bruce something.

It’s just far too juicy to pass up posting about, in our humble Rooftop opinion. We kinda wish we had some awesome paparazzi pictures to back it up. Anyone hear of a counter from Bruce? Send it along!

What can we learn from this?

1) Don’t google yourself.

2) If you want to hang with your peeps in the green room, don’t publicly flame the dude who runs the club they’re in.

3) Watch more

Hearts & Happy Friday!


Comment from John
Time: July 25, 2008, 4:30 pm