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The UFC’s Jon Fitch versus Stand-Up Comedy

For a time in my life when I was training in Muay Thai and western boxing, I entertained the idea of becoming an professional fighter. Granted, this also comes from the same mind who wanted to grow up to be a time traveler in the first grade, not unlike a certain Dr. Sam Beckett. It then dawned on me that the only reason I really wanted to become a professional Mixed Martial Artist was so that I could parade into the ring, cage, or Octagon strutting to New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle. The possibility of getting my teeth knocked out was just the nail in the coffin for that idea.

That’s why I have utmost respect for people who get their face bashed in, joints snapped, and choked out for a living.

And with that said, come Tuesday, July 15th at 8pm, you’ll find me definitely at the San Jose Improv for the Steel Cage Comedy Night, because not only it will be a showcase of great local, Bay Area talent (including the amazing W. Kamau Bell of Siskel and Negro and the W. Kamau Bell Curve fame), but UFC fighter and number one contender for the UFC welterweight championship Jon Fitch will appearing and be giving a candid interview to the audience. Fitch trains out of San Jose, CA and will be fighting current welterweight champion, George St. Pierre, one of MMA’s biggest stars at the next UFC pay-per-view, August 9th.

In one of the fastest growing sports in the world right now, the ability to be in the same room with a guy who just may be just next UFC welterweight champion of the world boggles my mind, and to hear stand-up comedy in the same night, just makes my head spin. In the best way possible. Par for the course, best of both worlds.

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Professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter Jon Fitch will be part of a live comedy talk show titles “Cage Night Comedy” July 15 at the San Jose Improv. The first half of the show will feature stand up comedy and the second half will conclude with an interview of John Fitch done by Comedian Kristopher Tinkle. After the show there will be a meet and greet and a chance for autographs and photos.

The event will take place at 8:00 pm on Tuesday July 15.

Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana but now fighting out of San Jose, Jon Fitch saw his star rise after it was announced he will fight in the main event for the UFC Welterweight title August 9th in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fitch is riding a 16 fight win streak and has tied the UFC record of most consecutive wins set by legend Royce Gracie. The former Purdue wrestling captain still remains unknown to casual fans and a huge underdog to hard core fans.

Jon’s opponent on the night of August 9th is George St. Pierre, one of the most popular stars in the sport. He has a reputation for not only winning fights, but doing it in a brutally convincing fashion every time.

“It’s unfortunate critics are writing Jon off before the fight even starts. “This fight is going to be much closer than people think. There is nothing more dangerous than a guy everyone underestimates and this show is the opportunity for all MMA fans in the Bay Area to come out get to know Fitch and let him know that we all have his back.” says Tinkle. “This is a great chance to wave goodbye before our guy goes off to war, so to speak.”

“The thing that I find interesting about Jon and about the fight is that he is the first to admit that he is not a naturally gifted athlete. He struggled early in his college wrestling career and again when he started his professional fighting career. This is a guy who, through hard work and a strong sense of self, has almost willed himself to be where he is at right now. It’s going to be interesting to get to know how a person gets to that point.

Although never a performer, Fitch is excited about the show. “After watching Kris perform I knew that doing an interview with him would be a great chance to do something original” says Fitch. With all of the photo shoots and press that comes with headlining in the main event, the questions always seem to be the same to Fitch. “This is going to be far different from the usual line of questioning so my fans can get to know me better on a more personal level. It’s going to be fun.”

“This sport is still in it’s infancy and I don’t think in a few years these MMA athletes are going to as accessible as they are right now. In no other sport today would a guy in Jon’s position be willing to go on stage and open up about everything in front of an audience. How many times can you say you got to hang out with the future UFC Welterweight Champion.”

Tickets can be purchased at and at the San Jose Improv box office.

Jon Fitch is a professional mixed martial artist with a record of 17 wins and 2 defeats. He is currently the number one contender to the UFC Welterweight Title.
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Kris Tinkle is a comedian from San Francisco. He recently performed for the troops in Iraq as part of the USO Tour with David Alan Grier and can be heard on XM and Sirius Radio.

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