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Interview with Matt Braunger and Auggie Smith.

We still have not quite gotten over Aspen. This is demonstrated with us talking to now Rooftop Award winning comics, Matt Braunger and Auggie Smith, Braunger winning the Best of Fest award, and Smith winning the clubs comic award.

Matt and Auggie were kind enough to lend some time to be asked the hard hitting, probing questions about Aspen.

Auggie felt that that the flight into Aspen wasn’t such a huge deal and that any flight you walk away from is good, turbulence and all. In fact, dying in a plane crash would have been a cool way to die, so much better than the way comedians usually die, that is usually an overdose or a suicide, according to Auggie.

On winning awards, Matt definitely did not expect to win at all, he says he was just sitting there drinking a beer at the awards reception, and almost spit it out when he heard his name being called for the Best of Fest. Auggie was really touched with being named Rooftop Clubs’ Favorite Comic, especially since comics always love to make fun of things.

Matt was only in Aspen for Saturday, as he was performing in LA the Friday of, and didn’t have a chance to play in Poker Invitational, but Auggie did, and he felt that the guy who ran the poker tournament and explained the rules of cards to the participants, “if you didn’t understand the basic rules of poker by now, a dissertation of the rules won’t help.”

Altitude + drinking was definitely a problem in Aspen, as Matt can attest, saying that altitude drunkenness snuck up on him, drinking normally he says, one drink counted for two.

The one bit that Matt did on owls (linked here for reference) that absolutely killed at Aspen was actually a joke that Matt says he has been doing on and off for a couple of years, and once he got representation, he was told to tell the joke again. The crux of the joke, in which his friend finds a baby owl, and calls the Humane Society actually happened. Also with the release of the 2nd Harry Potter movie, there was a feature on the news about kids wanting to own owls.

Both Matt and Auggie watched the finals of the National College Comedy Competition, and both were equally impressed with the final four college comedians. Matt complimented their ideas and their points of view, which he feels is half the battle. Auggie talked to the finalists afterward, and after learning that this was their 3rd or 4th time doing stand-up before this, and performing in a packed theater, he was really impressed, given the circumstances.

Overall, both comics had a fabulous time, complemented the comics chosen, and would love to be a part of the festival next year.

Onto random questions:
What would you name your autobiography?
Flaming Trainwreck Cocktail Party (Matt)
Whitey’s not here, Chopper has your Money (Auggie)

If you weren’t a comic, what would you be?
Still a bartender, maybe a teacher honestly. A job at the end of the day where you don’t feel like killing yourself (Matt)
Hopefully running a country in South America as a benevolent dictator. (Auggie)

Who would be your partner on the Amazing Race (Can’t choose Chuck Norris or God)
Tim Gunn, Project Runway (Matt)
Elle Macpherson, Actress/Model (Auggie)

Which Golden Girl would you be?
Mix of Dorothy and Blanche (Matt)
Dorothy (Auggie)

Last Words?
“Support live comedy and performance wherever you live, if you can.” (Matt)
“Stand-up will continue to be a growing art form, continue to grow, comics should proud of what we’re accomplishing, there is amazing art out there every night.” (Auggie)


Comment from Rashi
Time: June 18, 2008, 12:54 pm

Dorothy?!? Dude, I guess there’s just something about Bea Arthur.