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Bloomington, IL comedy

This weekend we brought the comedy to the people of Bloomington, IL at “Donnie B’s Funny Bone”. On all the signs it just says Donnie B’s though. As if that says funny more than Funny Bone.

It actually says in the contract that I am not allowed to seduce the wait staff or club patrons. Damn. I have always dreamed of settling down with a nice boy from Bloomington and getting matching wind breakers. Whatever incident prompted that inclusion I feel sorry for all parties involved.

The crowds were the kinds of crowds you get in a college town when college is not in session. Groups of 40 – 50 people out for a big night on the republican town. There was one couple that came out for the show despite the fact that their newborn triplets were still in ICU. I can’t decide if that’s right or not but, regardless, very noteworthy.