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Here’s Lookin’ at you, Dad

Love/Hate Father’s Day weekend? Take a trip over to our website and check out the featured Father’s Day clips that will be up all weekend. These non-conventional daddies have great rants about their less-than-perfect wee ones, and fatherhood in general.

Ahh yes, it’s that time of year again. The third weekend in June when we commemorate the love we foster for our fathers – and why shouldn’t we? Dads rule. Dads paid for all the diapers we pooped in before we were potty trained. Dads read us bedtime stories and showed us how to use the “channel changer” to the TV so we could find the shows that had bullets and octane when we got home from elementary school. Dads are the ones we have to thank for our parents’ cabinets overflowing with embarrassing images from adolescent awkwardness that haven’t seen the sun since the day they were developed. Father’s Day is a yearly reminder of all the awesome and horrible things you learned from your dad, and for this he deserves your utmost thanks and praise.

Personally, my favorite part of Father’s Day is trying to figure out what the heck to get my dad. I was browsing on the internet when I came across a site with great recommendations for dads – An iron in the shape of an elephant that brands your steaks with the symbol of the Republican party, a universal remote twice the size of my face, and a pair of slippers with headlights on the front for those times when your dad’s overactive bladder just can’t make it through the night without a pitch-black trip to the pisser. The best part is, these are gifts that my dad would probably be stoked on. The worst part is, they’re over my budget… that, and there’s no way in hell I could justify purchasing said items in public.

If you really want to give your Pop-Pop an original gift this year, try a greeting card. The long-lost art of self-expression could use a little lovin’, and so could your dear old dad. Yeah sure, plasma TVs at wild discounts and BBQ aprons with custom graphics are cool, but if you really want to show you’re appreciation for your dad, what better way to do it than by actually telling him. Don’t let our consumer culture overshadow the real meaning of Father’s Day. Add some sentimentality to your relationship with your dad instead of adding to your mounting credit card debt.