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Review: The W. Kamau Bell Curve

One of the best ways to get a message across is to use humor. W. Kamau Bell manages to mix current political headlines and long standing racial issues with a touch of sarcasm and irony. In this 90-minute show, he tackles issues such as PC terminology, the boycott of China, Barack Obama’s bid for the White House, and interracial relationships.

W. Kamau Bell commands attention. His charismatic style of delivery is humorous, thoughtful, goofy and vulnerable all wrapped into one. All of these qualities put together are reminiscense of a college professor. Kamau is able to discuss touchy issues without taking it to an angry level. Instead of offering solutions, he makes sure that you’re in on the joke with him.

The show is not all quips and sarcasm, it has a very personal feel to it as well. Kamau provides us with his back story of being raised by a single mother, his experiences dating a white woman, and studying martial arts as a teen.

As polished as the written material is, it’s Kamau’s personality that really shines through and makes the show enjoyable. He is a natural performer and his words come off as very thoughtful and sincere. This show is a must see!

The W. Kamau Bell Curve is playing Thursdays at the Shelton Theater ( 533 Sutter Street) in San Francisco and has been extended to July 3. For tickets and more info click here

You can also check out his podcast Siskel & Negro or his stand-up comedy at RooftopComedy.


Comment from david
Time: June 9, 2008, 8:06 am

Hey, I found a funny video that shows what woud have happened if Hillary had won the election,%20Clinton

I would be curious to see what you think of it.


Comment from Paolo
Time: June 9, 2008, 10:33 pm

I’m really glad the show was extended to July 3rd. This sounds right up my alley, and I feel like I should bring a UN-caliber entourage of ethnically different people to this performance. A rainbow of diversity if you will.

Comment from Emily H.
Time: June 10, 2008, 10:11 pm

oh man, we’ve been republo-spammed!